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CV Review

CV Review

With this service, you will receive a professional and through review of your CV.

₹ 1499



Rs. 1499


– Check format
– Check spelling and grammatical errors
– Give suggestion/feedback points


2-5 working days depending on the orders in queue.

Delivery File Format



European Format

CV is prepared in a format which is well accepted by all the German Universities.

Content Relevancy

We make sure that the content of the CV is relevant and matched to your target field.

Academic CV

CV prepared for academic purposes is different from your Job CV.

SOP Review Workflow

Prepare Your SOP

Include all the important/necessary details.

Apply For Review Online

Submit details and upload your file at the checkout.

Wait N’ Watch

Do a Thorough research and Editing alongside our expert.

On Time Delivery

Reviewed files, analytics and an online report will be delivered to you.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Curriculum Vitae (CV) is your personal brochure. It gives you an opportunity to feature all the aspects that make you the perfect choice for a university. Curriculum Vitae will be listed as an admission requirement for all of the German universities. Although its role may not be as significant as when applying for a job (due to a number of other variables), it still is a very important document in your application.

Should you Apply for CV Review?

CV Review works best for you in any one of these cases:

  1. You have already prepared your CV but looking for a professional and objective reviewer.
  2. You are not sure about the quality of your CV and looking for areas to improve it further.
  3. You are looking for a comparision of the quality of your CV to the academic standards in Germany.
  4. You want an expert feedback format and styling of your CV.

How Can CV Review Help You

LOR Review can help you in several ways:

  1. Improves your Profile evaluation score (5-15 points).
  2. This services will help you compare your CV with the competition and gives you areas of improvement.
  3. This one time effort can significanlty increase your chances of admission and job opportunities in Germany.

European Format

Because of the increasing number of cross boarder students and job seeker in the Europe, there is now an initiative to standardize a CV for study and job applications anywhere in the Europe.

The European has a recognized format that help to standardize CV style, description of language skills, and education and skill competencies. This type of resume is going to be ideal if you are planning on submitting a CV for a number of different countries. Germany needs a comprehensive lebenslauf resume that includes month by month employment history and language proficiency details.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can upload your CV on the checkout page.

4-7 working days depending on the orders in queue. 

At the end of review process, you will receive the marked file and the review points.

We have helped hundreds of applicants with their CV writing. Moreover, we have a good sense of university’s review process. You can be assured of a good review service

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