Nursing (BSC / GNM)

Unemployment is very low in Germany compared to the rest of Europe. What’s more, Germany lacks enough adequate trained health personnel to meet the needs of a population with an increasingly long life expectancy and all the associated consequences in terms of health.

You will be supported;

  1. by providing basic German classes in Tamilnadu and Kerala, or on line classes for out station students and those who currently live abroad.
  2. by providing administration support and help to get your qualifications assessed by the German nursing council.
  3. by organising and obtaining an adaptation training offer and confirmation from a German hospital.
  4. by organising an institution in Germany to continue with your German learning till you achieve the level of B2 Level.
  5. by guiding, supporting and helping to prepare you to apply for a visa in the nearest German consulate or Embassy.

Foreign educated nurses can also choose the option of sitting a knowledge test and pass to qualify for R.N. registration in Germany.


Learn German, and achieve the level of B2 Level first. Progress on to the preparatory course offered in an institution based in Germany, to prepare to sit the knowledge test. Note: attendees are permitted to work for 10 hours per week while on the course.





You should scan your credentials to us as listed below or send your queries.

  •  A detailed and updated CV furnished with your contact information including a Skype name.
  •  All available work experience certificates ( you should have worked as Nùrse at least for one year to apply).
  • Nursing council registrations.
  • Nursing diploma / degree certificate along with  all semester transcripts and marks.
  • High school certificates 
  • passport.
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